Court Life

This section will focus primarily on William’s life at court. Sounds fancy, like an English drama replete with backstabbing, conniving courtiers and other dastardly environs:) But alas, we speak here of the still fledgling court system of Virginia. Yes, William apparently did dress up in breeches and buckles. And yes, his handwriting did have a certain flair. But court was a serious, sober affair. Usually held on Fridays, and Saturdays when the docket was full, it brought the community together on fairly equal footing. And it was here, in King George County, Virginia where William Longmire met with and performed various court related work for the families of three of our nation’s first presidents.

Included here will be vignettes and portraits of the many people William knew and encountered during their days at court. He wrote, entered into record, and witnessed many very interesting documents in his day, including the estate inventory and the will of Augustine Washington – father of our nations’ first President. He executed many various documents for the maternal and paternal sides of President Monroe’s family. In his various travels he undoubtedly crossed paths with, and the property of, Francis Conway – President Madison’s grandfather. William’s life was a veritable crossroads of history.