Month: March 2018

The Tea List of 1745

Courtesy of Edward Dixon Papers – Library of Congress Here is one of the more curious ledger entries William wrote. On the right side is a list of all the people who purchased tea from a cargo which had arrived in Nov 1745. It basically is a who’s […]

William sits on a Jury

King George County Order Book 3 – Courtesy Library of Virginia It is Saturday January 5, 1744/5 O.S. and William Longmire is settling into his position as Court Recorder quite nicely. When court was not finished the previous day due to a large docket it was adjourned until […]

John Garrett – part 1

One of the more intriguing people in my research of William Longmire’s life and posterity is John Garrett. John lived in Caroline County just across the Rappahannock River from William. He was a Tobacco Inspector at Conway’s Warehouse at various times previous to William’s death in late 1748 […]

The Newgate Letter

Courtesy of Document Collection of Society of Genealogists – London and Else Churchill Above is the “Newgate Letter” written by William Longmire Oct 21, 1725 just days before his scheduled execution (click image to enlarge). Fortunately it was deposited into Society of Genealogists holdings in London in 1999 […]