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Ah, musings. In this section I will ponder the what ifs, the if onlys, the how did, and perhaps a few whys. How did William’s son, George, end up marrying the daughter of a Tobacco Inspector, and then was later to be found living on the land of John Jouett – home of the Paul Revere of the South – in the early 1770’s? Was the mother in law to his son William Jr really a Randolph or was this the result of fancy speculation by little old ladies fervently trying to join the DAR under “less than factual circumstances”? Charles Longmire, still yet a third son of William, was he involved in the Tipton/Sevier feud or did he just happen to be nearby scouting out land in the Watauga Settlement before Tennessee became a state? And who was Elizabeth Longmire, wife of John Cabaniss, whose sons were neighbors and probably friends of Abe Lincoln back in his days in Kentucky and early Illinois? And is it possible that one of William’s direct descendants helped develop one of the most powerful weapons on earth? Musings … sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction. See Musings blog below for more.