The big picture show

Well, it’s been a while since I posted some documents. And since I have probably close to a thousand in my own little USB archival world besides hundreds of hard copies I thought maybe it’s time I shared. Afterall, how is anybody going to believe my outlandish claims of a hat thief from London doing all the dastardly things I ascribe to him without proof for you, the gentle reader, to ascertain yourselves? And yes, as the title of the subject heading above will eventually show there is a big picture to all this.

Before digging in let me preface first by saying a few things to smooth things along. I will initially post some King George County documents and maybe a couple of ledger entries written by William for initial comparison. Later in the spring I will take a trip to the Library of Congress and copy some JPG files from the Edward Dixon Papers to replace my PDF samples from years ago. I still need to contact Library of Virginia and see about the process of transferring Northern Neck Proprietary images to this site and the best way to transfer images. Meanwhile I will just start dropping documents here and get the ball rolling …

Deed Lunsford Lomax Gent to Charles Carter Esq 1742
Last page of the will of Augustine Washington presented into court May 1743. Main document by Wm Longmire, bottom portion by Col Thomas Turner, and signed into record by Harry Turner, Clerk.
Lease Wm Wharton to Harry Turner sealed and delivered in presence of Thomas Turner, Wm Longmire, and Thomas Apperson May 1741. Document written by Wm Longmire and signed into record by Thomas Turner, Clerk.

Pages 8 and 9 of the estate of Nicholas Smith – Guardian Account of daughter Elizabeth. Thomas Turner was her guardian and his son, Harry, later married Elizabeth in 1743 when she came of age. Document in the hand of Wm Longmire.

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