Our intrepid hat thief left quite the legacy in terms of children and their descendants. It is not my intent to make a serious genealogical study here but to lay the family framework of William’s 3 sons, and a possible daughter, and comment on several branches for historical context. Yes, William did have several famous and noteworthy descendants. And many a scholar, doctor, or physicist. Yep, that’s right. Our former felonious denizen of London has quite the notable cadre of useful citizen descendants under his watchful eye from heaven. But more importantly, his children and grandchildren were a part of the birth of this nation. A veritable study in American Colonial migration and family partnering. A sturdy stock who overcame the great hardships of life in the day. We descendants of William Longmire owe him and his posterity a huge debt of gratitude. And it is our duty to look to the past and pay tribute, to understand and know, where we came from. And so I attempt to do my fair part here, starting with “the hat thief”.