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James Jones

Some years ago I decided to go to the Library of Congress to begin research on the Edward Dixon Business Papers held in the Manuscript Reading Room there. These are a set of ledger books from King George County, Virginia, beginning in the year 1743. And it was […]

Captain Nicholas Smith

It was a few years ago that I was researching in Richmond, Virginia – one of my favorite places – and I ran across what was, to me, a very curious entry found in the 1740’s King George County Orphan Accounts. While flipping through microfilm at a semi-leisurely […]

William’s store account

The store ledger account featured here was William Longmire’s own. And what an active account it was! Note the year 1743 and that the account is already quite robust and ongoing from previous entries. William has had this account for some indeterminate time prior and a balance is […]