For some years the name of Col Thomas Turner’s very large, multi-structured plantation, Walsingham, has vexed me. What did this name refer to? Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster, Francis Walsingham? The chapel in Eastern England known as Little Walsingham? Did this name somehow infer a vague notion of Thomas Turner’s religious inclinations or a boast of sorts that he was privy to high level secrets? Why not call it Turner’s Folly or Turner’s Hundreds or some such fancy moniker so fashionable in the day?  And really, when it comes down to it, I only wanted to color the narrative and investigate the people who surrounded William Longmire in his 20 odd years of living in King George County. If and when I ever get around to writing a book I had always thought that various people who molded William’s very being  – friends, peers, benefactors – should leap from obscurity into the pages of his life’s account. And foremost amongst the cast of characters to eventually grace this work would be Col Thomas Turner – Clerk of the Court for many of William’s working years, Burgess, Church Elder, and all around very wealthy and influential denizen of King George County, Virginia. Tracing T. Turner’s pedigree was, and is still not, an easy affair. Initially, in my sleuthing strategy, the name Walsingham was going to be the key which unlocked the door – and still may be as pertains Turner’s roots in England. And so I broke out the mini shovel and began digging into a very large mound of uncertainty. And in doing so I have unearthed some fascinating details which may solve more than one mystery …

Unfortunately, dear readers, I must shove off to work for several hours and I will have to leave you hanging for the time being. I know, I know. The soul of William Longmire cringes at that word but I just had to start this post as I have been remiss for several months in this “blogging sphere”. My apologies.

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